Can LCD viewable angle become adjustable?

By chdchan ·
It'd be great if I can tune the viewable angle of the LCD of my notebook, for sometimes on flight and others for demo.

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by n.davis In reply to Can LCD viewable angle be ...

No, they cannot. LCD viewing angles are hardware, not software.

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Reponse To Answer

by chdchan In reply to no

So can those like angle of refraction be adjusted electronically?

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Privacy Screen

by TheChas In reply to Can LCD viewable angle be ...

While you cannot change it with software, you can install a physical privacy filter.

3M makes privacy filters specifically for laptops.

Just search on Privacy Filters and you will find them.


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Theory Versus Reality

by TheChas In reply to Can LCD viewable angle be ...

While in theory you could be able to adjust anything with electronics, the practical reality is that you may not be able to afford the end product or even justify the R&amp costs.

For all of the LCD and Plasma displays that I am aware of on the market today, the viewing angle and related parameters are all part of the physical hardware design and cannot be adjusted electronically.

Right now, resolution, sharpness of detail, response time, and a wide viewing angle are the critical parameters for display design.

I suppose that when we reach the practical limits of basic display design that manufactures might look at what "new" features could be offered. But, there would need to be at least a perception of a broad enough market to justify the research and design costs.


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