Can linked worksheets be saved to a flash disk

By PFSabatini ·
If you save linked worksheets onto a flash disk and then take them to another location and work on them, can you lose the linking?

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More info needed.

by darpoke In reply to Can linked worksheets be ...

It depends on what software they're created in, how it manages links, and whether it allows for re-linking.

If filepaths (what are stored when a link is saved) are <i>absolute</i> then this will change the path of the file as it is saved to the drive. Obviously there is a difference between '/Users/joe/worksheet' and '/Volumes/USB\ Disk/worksheet' (I work on a Mac as you can tell from my directory format but the principle is universal).

If on the other hand paths are stored <i>relatively</i>, then /worksheet is the same no matter where you are and if both worksheets are in the same directory then it should work out fine.

I suspect most software uses absolute links to avoid any confusion, sadly. This is why I ask if it supports re-linking. The edit software we use here will ask for any linked files it can no longer find to be re-linked when it loads - this again depends on the software you are using.

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