Can loop back adapter used for Internetworking ?

By Yuvash10 ·
I have created an Loop back adapter for practice purpose. I like to know whether this adapter can be used for communication over Internet.

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No. It says "loopback" right in the name.

by seanferd In reply to Can loop back adapter use ...
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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Can loop back adapter use ...

if the internet is the JUST the machine, using one is a way of fooling windows into enabling sharing for instance when you aren't connected to a network.
If you want to post a reply here from your machine with a loppback in it's only network card, you are SOL...
UInless you are on dialup.

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by seanferd In reply to Yes

I like your answer better.

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it is a network adapter

by Jaqui In reply to Can loop back adapter use ...

from your machine to your machine.

it is designed for network aware software to be functional, even if there is no network connection to other systems.

so, you can use internet software through one, it isn't going anywhere but your own system.

and you can test such software, capture and scan packets etc.

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