Can multiuser collaboration be achievable with single OS on one PC?

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Nowadays, without much software piracy and with the advent of faster multi-core CPUs, OS makers can target a new product line of Multiuser OS for running on single PC. Putting it simpler, it will make possible 2 or more users using a single PC to work in parallel respectively for their own tasks, with distinguishable sets of monitors and keyboards/mice. Imaginably, that should be technically feasible by modifying existing OSes a bit to allow mutliple sets of windows/app instances running on screens plus easier interchange and sharing of those tasks/apps/PC resources among a couple of users, possibly making LAN equipment and excessive IT investment unnecessary for workgroups. To achieve this, slight hardware changes to existing PC architecture or adaptive hardware may also be required, e.g. a system for distinguishing different sets of station hardware for individual users. In particular, the concept will sound exceptionally applicable in poorer countries where computer resources and budgets are not as sufficient as the affluent ones, while an added benefit being huge reduction in energy and space consumption. Moreover, it means generating fewer wastes when the computer becomes obsolete. But whether this will actually shrink or expand future revenue of OS makers needs their marketers to tell. Most likely, it will not be welcomed by those computer manufacturers and software makers.

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So your question is what exactly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can multiuser collaborati ...

The devices you are talking about have been around for a very long time and have been used extensively in schools and the like for many years.

Though to be perfectly honest that was several years ago and I have not seen anything like that recently but then again the cost of Individual computers is now so low that they are not worth the time & effort in setting up.

Though in theory you can use Thin Clients do achieve the same results but it would be cheaper and better to have individual computers nowadays.


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by dogknees In reply to Can multiuser collaborati ...

Now that's a good word.

What's it mean?

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