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Can my computer get infected from running an audio CD?

By mikelapon ·
I have windows XP with AVG antivirus up to date and ad-aware, spybot and microsoft antispyware. I got music and spoken word CD's from a person I do not know very well. I wish to only run these CD's, and not to download or save anything. If I hold down "shift" when placing the CD in and then running the avg virus scan first before listening to the CD, am I basically safe from being infected? Or is it just too risky? Is there anything else I should do? thanks.

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Sony rootkit ...

by stargazerr In reply to Can my computer get infec ...

That was something as good as a Virus ...

AVG is a good Anti Virus .. but you should still scan your computer every now and then in addition to scanning the CD with AVG

You might also want to install a spyware in case you are listening to the CD while browsing the internet ... It isnt much .. but every little helps


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by beads In reply to Can my computer get infec ...

The only known rootkit found on manufactured music CDs are/were from (since replaced or should have been) Sony/BMG music group. Sony/BMG offered to replace each and everyone of those CDs for versions without the rootkit. If you trust your friend or its of another lable - your fine.

No one else has been fingered as having any additional DRM or Digital Rights Management software hidden on the CD itself.

Oh and no holding the shift key either during the bootup process or simply to scan the file would detect this bug. This little critter is connected to the kernal of the operating system not a file loaded upon the startup group. Only a couple of the biggest AV software vendors have been consistent in detecting much if anything with regard to rootkits. Though you might want to download a beta copy of F-Secure's "Blacklight" rootkit detector or SysInternals rootkit detector as well. Either is free and will find just about anything rootkit wise thats out there. Well, maybe not "HF's" (Holy_Father) rather odd stuff but I highly doubt your going to be a specific target enough to warrent that - lol. Maybe if you were the President or something, maybe. Even then its too long a shot to worry about.

Blacklight is extremely easy to use; where SysInternals software is a bit more geeky in nature but does essentially the same thing with more detail.

- beads

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Can my computer get infected from running an audio CD?

by KrazyKyngeKorny In reply to Can my computer get infec ...

Yes! If a CD, or any other device, has been infected you can get the virus.

If you are buying your CD's on the commercial market, not likely, though possible.

If you are getting your CD's from a "friend," much more likely.

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Can my computer get infected from running an audio CD?

by KrazyKyngeKorny In reply to Can my computer get infec ...

YES! If the CD is infected.

If you buy CD's, not much chance.

If you get illegal copies from a "friend", depends on the friend.

AVG will most likely catch any virus, but nothing is 100% infallible.

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Yes, it can

by dbucyk In reply to Can my computer get infec ...

A virus can be transmitted that way to, but it is slim.

If you downloaded the files off the internet your chances are higher than if you bought it from a store.

To be sure though that you don't get infected, hold down on the shift key when you insert the CD. This will temporarily disable the autorun feature.

If you have the space on your hard disk, copy it to your hard drive and scan it. If it comes up negative, just delete it from your hard drive and just play the CD.

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