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    Can Not Access Server over 2nd Scope


    by mecit ·

    I am a Novice + in network software setup. Our IT dept consist of 1 (me).
    I have a Win 2K Server with a dedicated T1 to our other other buliding. It has 2 scopes, 192.168.1.x (1.x) is for where the server is located. The 192.168.2.x (2.x) is for the other. I tested it using a Test PC to verify it. It all worked fine at 2.x. That is until I was off for 3 months and someone installed all the MS Up dates and Patches and configured a Super Scope containing 1.x and 2.x. NOW nothing at the 2.x can be authenticated or see the server. We have a couple of Cisco routers installed that are working properly as they have been verified by Cisco. From 2.x I can access our AS400 and Ping any Networked Printer or fixed IP EXCEPT the Server. I have been trying to locate the resolve this problem with no luck. I need to get it going so I can proceed with the new PC rollout.
    PLEASE ANY HELP would be appreciated.
    I am schedualed Classes in Jan to learn some of this but that dont help now.

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      by ctmoore1998 ·

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      What are your scope properties. ie subnet mask in particular is what I want to see. Also, even though CISCO has ‘verified’ your router configuration. What happens if you put a laptop in the same hub as server with a 2.x ip and try and ping the server’s ip address ??? Also what is the network topography is it server-hub{1.x}-router-router-hub(2x) To me this would be a classic access-list problem on the ciscos. If you have ANY access lists define in the routers then these MUST be very closely examined for proper config. CISCO rule is explicit DENY.

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