Can not browse Internet from behind a Linksis WRT56G router

By filipne ·

I have a brand new XP pro installation on a new Dell Inspirion PC. It is connected to a WRT56G router along with another PC.

Made new high speed connection to the ISP from Dell. Connection starts with no issues, files can be downloaded at a decent speed , but IE has difficulties opening web pages. Sometimes it opens them sometimes it does not and shows Page can not be displayed. Firefox behaves a bit better but still can not open pages. When refreshed it eventually opens them.

The other PC connected to the router has no issues at all.

In brief , seems that PC is connected and can download files at decent speed (300 kb/s ) but has big issues browsing Internet.

Any ideas ?

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Check your security settings .......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Can not browse Internet f ...

....... and remove/reconfigure google/yahoo toolbars which are blocking pages. Maybe even your personal/Windows firewall is blocking. If one computer has no problems and the other one does, it's not the router.

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Thanks !

by filipne In reply to Check your security setti ...

Thanks ThumbsUp2 for the prompt reply !

I have Norton 360 and it is not blocking both IE and Mozilla Firefox.

You are right for the router. I tried the same without the router , by directly connecting PC to the modem. Same issue ... Very weird ..

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Then, it's in the PC.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Thanks !

How do you know Norton 360 is NOT blocking? Disable it and see if things work better. Also, look at your toolbar. Is google toolbar there? Yahoo toolbar? They both have blocking features, primarily for popups, but they end up blocking regular pages.

One last thing to check is your security settings in IE7. Anti-phishing, popup blocking and potentially harmfull web sites can all be blocked.

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by TheVirtualOne In reply to Can not browse Internet f ...

check your memory. faulty memory can cause hiccups in IE.

also can you see the other machine on the network?

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