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Can not delete Program Files folder??

By rcoleman ·
In troubleshooting on another persons computer I uninstalled about 20 games their kid had installed without knowing which ones, if any, were compatable with XP, then went to "Program Files to finish up deleting remanents of what was left, folders that were dedicated to the installed software. I cannont delete one folder. Usually all you have to do is open up the folders and first delete everthing inside and then you can work your way back out, deleting all the way, until at last you can delete the actual folder. This one won't even let me open it or rename it with another file name or extention, even though just a folder and it's size is "0 KB." Trying to delete or rename ends with "Access denyed" HELP! There must be some utility or trick that will kill this little thing???

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to Can not delete Program Fi ...

Yes!, Scandisk is a poor harddrive checking fixing program. It rarely handles the difficult problems try using norton systemworks, or harddiskmechanic or you may even be able to delete it using dos if
windows is the only thing that thinks it's restricted.

One more thought, try rightclicking the folder and make sure the properties for archive,hidden,system, and readonly are all unchecked. Then try to delete.

hope this helps

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by pierrejamme In reply to Can not delete Program Fi ...

It's possible it's a Gator or similar culprit. Get Adaware and Spybot to remove.

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by rcoleman In reply to

Yes, your right in that it may be related to something like Gator, but there are other reasons why Adware or Spybot will not work either this time. Thanks for you input!

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by jschein In reply to Can not delete Program Fi ...

pierrejamme is correct...

If you are familiar with system processes, you can hit CTRL+ALT+ESC, goto processes and stop malicious or unknown processes, then delete those folders.

But, if you have no clue what I just said, goto, download their FREE adaware program, run it, update it, scan your entire pc (change the settings under customize) and remove all the malicious items. Reboot pc, delete remaining folders you could not before and your pc is just about good as new.

Good luck

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by rcoleman In reply to

Yes, I know about this procedure, but neither this nor an Adware program will cut it this time. It's actually an empty folder left over from doing a manual install. But, there are other reasons why I can't use Adware or Spybot as well. Thanks for your input!

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Can not delete Program Fi ...

Actually, this just might be a NTFS permissions issue. Do this:
Right-click on the folder and choose Properties. Then click the Security tab.
What users/groups are listed in the window, and what rights do they have?
To me, it sounds like that user account you are logged into XP with does NOT have any rights to the folder. No Read, no List Folder Contents, no Delete.
Did the "kid" have their own account on the XP box? If so, them log in as the "kid" and try to delete from there.
Or log in as Administrator, and delete the folder (or take Ownership of the folder if Administrator has no rights; after taking ownership, the Administrator can give itself rights, including the Delete right).

hope this helps

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by rcoleman In reply to

Not NTFS problem for sure, but thanks. We are logged on as Admin.

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by Wyrmlord In reply to Can not delete Program Fi ...

I used to have problems deleting folders from under the Total (formerly Windows) Commander: access denied, ignore/retry, all kinds of bull. I managed some by switching back to ole good Explorer, and others by booting up the machine in true DOS (from a disk) and deleting the folder thence. If it's a complicated name (spaces or stoopid characters) you may have to rename it first. ~ (Alt+0126) may be useful here.
good luck,

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by JackOfAllTech In reply to Can not delete Program Fi ...

If you are logged on as Admin and you've taken ownership of the folder, then if you still can't delete it, it MUST be in use by an active process.

There is a freeware util called Handle (sorry, I don't know the URL - search Google) that can tell you what process has the file/folder open.

You've sparked my curiosity though - what reasons could there be for not using SpyBot? Please let us know!


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by rcoleman In reply to Can not delete Program Fi ...

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