Can not get on the internet anymore

By ekheinrich ·
If I click on Internet Explorer icon on the desk top or any of my Favorites, I get a message that basicly says; "Can not find null please check if name is typed correct".

I use XP. My son who uses the same router and modem with his computer does get out.

Can any please help that has the answer?

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could be

by jck In reply to Can not get on the intern ...

a) router mac filter is on...did you check that?

b) could be you lost the network settings...try setting up a new network connection?

c) could be a bad driver reference...try reloading your driver?

d) could be an issue with IE...try loading Firefox and see if that helps

e) could be a firewall issue...trying turning off any firewall/blocking software.

just suggestions...hope one of them works.

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This typically is an error involving add-ins in IE7

by robo_dev In reply to Can not get on the intern ...

If you're running IE7, the best bet is to reinstall it.

You may need to use your son's computer to dowload a fresh copy if you don't have one on the local PC

the file you want is:

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safe mode with networking

by sgt_shultz In reply to Can not get on the intern ...

perhaps you can get on the internet by booting into safe mode with networking (cold start the computer, after the bios self-test runs (typically there is a beep) tap the f8 key until you reach the Windows Startup Menu (black screen, white text). select Safe mode with networking. if this works i would first make sure I had no viruii or spyware then try reinstalling IE or look up how to reinstall just the damaged part at

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