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    Can not install Office XP


    by htdquoc ·

    Hi all,
    I am supporting a laptop T40 IBM with windows XP professional. This user is just infected a lot of virus and adware because he is click on any ad that coming up. The OS is very update wity latest patches. Office 97 prof is installed.

    The issue is, I try to install office XP to his laptop, the process goinng well untill 99% ( I guess) and then automatically roll back without any error message! I have tried myself 3 times, but I can not solve this issue.

    I think if I reinstall the whole laptop with OS then the issue will be gone, but I still wonder if there is any way to fix it without reinstall this laptop or not.

    Please kindly to advise me.
    Thank you very much.

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      Question – is the current issue you are trying to install and update from a previous version? If it is the installer is looking for a code, which normally is located in the registry. You may have to uninstall office again, reboot and re-install from the first version onwards. e.g. if the full version was Office 95 than that is where you start.

      I assume you have virus checked the whole PC. Alternatively you may need to reformat the HDD to ensure that most of the virus components are deleted. Make sure that all viruses and Trojans have been removed – Go on-line to Symantec for a quick on-line system virus check-up, as there may still be a Trojan embedded.

      But my first guess
      1. The current version you trying to install is an update and not the full version
      2. If this is the full version of MS Office/Excel, then it thinks you are updating from a previous version and you need to remove the key from the registry, check out MS on-line for instructions

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