Can not join my domain

Hi all,
I have an ASA 5510 Cisco and 3 3750 Cisco Switches which We have configure them to 3 different subnet., and my server 2008 I have my domain Controler .11 subnet and a client as well. I was able to join that domain with no problem. My problem is when I am trying to join a client from my .12 subnet. I can ping across my two networks. It is this a DNS issue? If it is, how can identify on my server that I have in fact a DNS issue?.

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doesn't sound like a DNS issue

by CG IT In reply to Can not join my domain

simply because the workstation can join the domain. if it was a DNS problem, the workstation would toss an error that the domain is unavailable or a logon server is unavailable when it tries to join the domain.

sounds more like a problem in your layer 3 switches and your router.

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by bincarnato In reply to Can not join my domain

You say you can ping but didn't say if it was IP address or by name. If you can ping by IP but not name, then it is a DNS issue but that may just be the symptom of the issue, not the issue.

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by AYJE In reply to Agreed

I believe it was d DNS issue, because I went to DNS server and I manually add that computer to my DNS file. After that everything is fine.However, I beleive I am having problems with the Router/firewall as well because I am getting a lot of package dropps from my IP cameras that are connect it in the remote switches by a fiber optic link. Do you think it is the in switches or the router. Any ideas how can I be sure that is the firewall, that way I can talk to the people who setup my router/firewall..thank you

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