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Can not push the client from SMS 2003

By mksloan ·
I have installed SMS on a standalone server and I can?t get SMS to push to the agent to clients. under the collections it has found the clients and some are assigned and none of them have the client nor will SMS push the client to them. If I manually install the client on the work station from the SMS created share it will in stall but the agent can?t find the SMS server. I followed the help in SMS, for the install and set up; all of my workstations are NT4, win 2000 or XP pro.
what am i missing ?

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by Keyboard Cowboy In reply to Can not push the client f ...

I know that with NT, they have to be legacy clients. And I don't know if its an option for you, but we have a login script that checks to see if the client is installed, and if it isn't, then it will install it. Hope you can get it working...

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by Siraj.Lakhani In reply to Can not push the client f ...

I am having the same problem. I have figured out the problem but I am still looking for the solution.

The problem: on the client computer, open Control Panel -> System management -> Advanced tab, under SMS Site, put your correct SMS site code and that client will show up in SMS management console. Now we cannot have to do this for 1000 clients, there should be a way to fix this. I have checked my settings on SMS server. The site code settings I have tried both, AUTO, which is default and I also tried hard code the site name, no luck.

Any ideas...

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by Neil Cotton In reply to Can not push the client f ...

I have tried everything that I can find on the internet, i even fully formatted and reinstalled both DNS/SQL and SMS servers, and still have the same problem.

There are 3 machines on the test network.
1. Win 2000 Running AD and SQL.
2. Win Ad Serv 03 - Running SMS 2003 sp1
3. Win XP Pro sp2 - Test client

With everything setup, and discovery running. I get this

Machine Client Assigned
win2kSQL No Yes
win03SMS No Yes
winxpCLI No No

I have tried everything, and can not get the client software to install on anything.

Also, how can something be assigned to a resource without being registered as a client.

This has been annoying me for 2 days. Any help would be appreciated. I'm about to install some legacy type machines and see if I can get it on them, however I am very dubious about that also.


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by Neil Cotton In reply to

I am now profissient in SMS 2003, see here for my solutions to this problem.

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