Can not send/receive e-mails using internet mail in Outlook 2002

By budd11701 ·
we were hosting our own mail on our exchange 2000. All computers are using outlook 2002 on a domain to configure their e-mails from exchange. Our company recently switched the e-mail from our domain exchange server to a pop 3 provider and our outgoing smtp is through dsl server. They would like to only have internet mail delievery. The problem is no one can send or receive messages after setting up the pop3 and smtp providers. I see that the original configuration still exsists in outlook and we are trying to have internet mail delivery only and not use the exchange services anymore. What can we do help?

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may help

by webjabber In reply to Can not send/receive e-ma ...

You can check outlook setting from godaddy, it may help. here is the link

If you can't solve your issue, better talk to your Email provider.


A secure path to access your servers.

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Local setup

by curlergirl In reply to Can not send/receive e-ma ...

This begs the question, why have they decided to do that???? But, that's not what you asked, so, here's my answer to your actual question:

In order to download POP3 emails from Outlook you have to set up each individual user's Outlook profile to download the email. IOW, an Exchange Server cannot be configured to download POP email, it will only receive SMTP email directly. So, the question is, have you configured the local Outlook profiles for each user to download their email? It sounds like you probably have, but I just wanted to make sure.

If all that's already done, if you want to bypass your Exchange server completely, you will need to remove the Exchange account from the Outlook profile for each user. Otherwise, Outlook will always assume you are sending/receiving through the Exchange server account as the main account, rather than the POP3 account. It may work OK if you are careful to configure the POP account as the main account, but sometimes I've seen problems with that, too. It would be preferable to set Outlook to a "non-corporate" mode by removing the Exchange account completely if you are not going to use it for anything.

Hope this helps!

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Curlergirl has it

by CG IT In reply to Local setup

you have to reconfigure each client computer's Outlook to not use exchange server for the users.

Outlook will not handle mail both ways for a user profile. It's an either or situation. Either use Exchange or use POP3. But not both.

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local setup

by budd11701 In reply to Local setup

I set up each local computer to use our internet service provider incoming mail server and our outgoing smtp dsl provider with authentication. I removed the exchange server e-mail configurations from each local computer in outlook 2002. I still have problems sending and receiving. I pinged each address from each local computer and get a reply. I temporarily set up outllok express on each local computer using the same pop3 and smtp addressess and have no problem sending and receiving mail. What could be the problem? I appreciate the help. Thanks! Any ideas?

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Use the same ISP for both

by curlergirl In reply to local setup

outgoing and incoming email. The problem is most likely the fact that you are using different servers for outgoing and incoming email. You can't have two user names/passwords for authentication on an Outlook profile. What happens when you use the "Test" button from the Outlook profile setup screen? Outlook is trying to authenticate with the outgoing server with the same user name and password that it's using for the incoming POP3 account. This would cause the authentication to fail, since the SMTP server is a different ISP with different user name and password. There's no reason to use a different ISP for outgoing and incoming mail. Just set up the Outlook profiles to use the smtp server of the ISP where your POP3 accounts reside.

Hope this helps!

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The Problem is?

by budd11701 In reply to Use the same ISP for both

We host our mail.domain with a different service provider who has a unique pop3 address and login with individuals usernames and passwords and when we send our mail we send our mail we must go through our dsl provider verizon authenticating only the outgoing mail server with one idividual unique user name and password for smtp authntication. It works on outlook express, but not in outlook 2002? Thamks for the input! Any ideas?

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