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Can Novell & SBS2003 Co-exist?

By clifford.tkw ·
Our company uses the Novell server for the last 6 years. Recently, we decided to migrate to SBS2003 and are in transition phase.

Unfortunately, the Novell server will need to be around for another 1-2 years due to a legacy financial application. So users need to login with Novell, then to MS SBS2003 to get into the server's resources.

What the user's experience was many task, including login has slow down drastically. Eg, saving a word document file would take 5-10 mins looking for a default folder.

I decided to take a step further by removing all novell client and related protocol from my computer, and purely live on Microsoft. All problems disappear immediately.

Can anyone advice if there are any settings/configuration, or steps I can look into so the 2 can work nicely together?

Your help is much appreciated. thanks

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by CG IT In reply to Can Novell & SBS2003 Co-e ...

well you have a problem right off the bat. SBS 2003 implements Active Directory and the domain name space will be at the root of the forest. A single forest, single domain. No way around that with SBS. SBS also will not establish a trust between domains [single forest, single domain]. The Novell server will have to join the SBS domain. Now back in 2000/2001 Novell stuff used NetBIOS so with Windows 2000 domains, a WINS server was needed. If the Novel server still runs on the old NetBIOS over TCP/IP, you have to have a WINS server and run the SBS network in mixed mode.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Can Novell & SBS2003 Co-e ...

Kerberos. SMB. DNS. wonder what firewall requirements on the servers and clients are needed in your environment.
one quick test i might make is go to SBS server and turn off SMB services..
you do not mention your client os's or the sp levels of the clients and servers or even your version of netware. post this information plus if you post exactly how are the problem(s) reproduced and you may get your answer...anything in event logs on server or clients?
if i were working this i'd use the support section of the ms and novell websites plus read up on how authentication of network shares is done by non XP/2000 clients...
i'd verify my backups and begin by bringing clients and servers up to date on sp's and patches.

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