Can one workstation be working in 2 domains?

By DoubleBarrel ·
XP Pro workstation currently logged onto a Local Domain. VPN connection to main office makes the Domain there available to this user. Curious if anyone has logged on to 2 different domains or if a trust relationship will do the trick.

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two domains

by jck In reply to Can one workstation be wo ...

I have never heard of one machine being assigned to two domains.

I can be in one domain (the domain my machine is in), and then remote into another computer and have access to its domain.

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User name and password required for remote access

by CG IT In reply to Can one workstation be wo ...

If the remote access client authenticates with a user name and password to gain Remote Access to a network, then I'll ask this question, what does the physical computer group or domain membership have to do with anything? [which means that simple Remote Access is allowed. Complex Remote Access authentication methods such as RADIUS and PKI certificate is not used.]

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No, but there is a solution

by TNT@support In reply to Can one workstation be wo ...

A Windows PC can only be a member of a single domain as it's SID is based on the domain identifier of the domain that it is joined to. It can't have two SIDs at the same time.

A user, on the other hand, can be a part of multiple domains. So log in locally on the computer, then map network drives via "My Network Places" and use your account information - this will work in both locations.

For specialized apps, shift+right click "run as" - use domain login information.

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