Can only boot with UBCD

By webster.rantsolase ·
Good day all.

I have a HP DL380 G1 server, problem is I can't boot it with anything else except the Utlimate Boot CD, I would like to know if there is a way to boot with UBCD then launch a windows installation from there.

I have also tried all the usual channels but nothing helps (Changed cd rom, obtained different copies of win xp and server 2003, tried the HP SmartStart cd [different versions], absolutely nothing works.)

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Sounds like a HDD problem to me ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Can only boot with UBCD

Booting from the UBCD does not involve any interaction between the mobo and a HDD but directly installing any OS does.

What result (if any) has the UBCD HDD diagnostics returned?

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Possibly solved

by webster.rantsolase In reply to Sounds like a HDD problem ...

I downloaded the MS Windows XP System Setup Disk and incorporated that into UBCD, then I booted with it from within UBCD and now it's busy installing XP currently at the Setup is copying files stage.
I hope this works however it still leaves the nagging question of what caused it?

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RE: "incorporated that into UBCD" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Possibly solved

Why incorporate it - why not just use it as intended?

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UBCD and Floppy

by webster.rantsolase In reply to RE: "incorporated that in ...

This might come as a shock to you but we have about 60 computers and 3 servers, and guess what, only the broken server has a working floppy and I have absolutely now way of getting the downloaded floppy from the other machines to the server, so incorporating the floppy into the UBCD was the only way.

Now I have encountered a different problem, it copies all the files then reboots, there after it runs setup from disc again, but the good news is that now I can boot from various cd's.
It would appear that you were dead on the money bout the HDD.

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"Dead on the money" - I can live with that ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to UBCD and Floppy

...Once I've escaped from the limelight into the comfort of the shadows once again.

However, as I previously posted "What result (if any) has the UBCD HDD diagnostics returned?" It would be worthwhile (while you've still got a chance) to use the UBCD to ascertain the state of the HDD.

Eventually the HDD might conk out completely and you'll never know what the problem was. To prevent a lifetime of sleepless nights, wondering, wondering, wondering - I'd run a diagnostic.

But my money's on a HDD rapidly ascending into Silicon Heaven.

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