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Can only connect on OPEN wireless

By poorbass ·
I am pulling my hair out. (What there is left...) I have a wireless network using Win2K3SBS. The WAP is a Linksys WAP54G, the router is a Linksys BEFG. I am using DNS on the Win2k3 server, and DHCP on the Linksys router/firewall. I have WPA TKIP security on the wireless connections. For years all has been fine. In the last 6 months or so, my wife's computer would intermittenly drop the connection, but I could only sympathize. Mine never had a problem. Last week mine would not connect no matter what. I assumed I could throw hardware at it and got a new USB NIC and a wireless router firewall. After a week of screwing around, I was nowhere near a solution, and went back to all the old equipment. My wife's computer all of a sudden is solid as a rock. Mine, still no joy. Mine would find the wireless, connect, begin the DHCP process and then disconnect, and start it all over again. I eventually figured out that if I removed the encryption from the wireless, I could connect. All the laptops are XP Pro SP3. I don't really want to have an OPEN and unsecured network, but at this point... Any help would be appreciated

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It sounds like a sync issue

by NickNielsen In reply to Can only connect on OPEN ...

Try deleting the wireless connection, then reconnect to it. Re-select the encryption type and re-enter your encryption key. This should refresh your encryption and allow you to connect.

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No, already tried that.

by poorbass In reply to It sounds like a sync iss ...

I deleted the connection a bunch of times, upgraded the wireless network driver, deleted the wireless NIC, reinstalled the connection etc. all to no avail. I even got a USB wireless G and disabled the other NIC and tried that all to no avail. My wife's works, so I know the WAP and router are set up OK. I even tried to copy what she had and it didn't help.

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