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can only map to IP address (not name)

By bayman ·
I have a weird problem. The client has 2 WinXP Pro machines with a Linksys DSL/Cable router. They do not have internet connectivity, however are only using that router as a hub/switch. I connected one of the machines (Workstation B) to the router (which already had Workstation A and another device that goes beyond the scope of the question).

Having issues mapping a drive on Workstation A from Workstation B, I tooled with Simple File Sharing (turning it off). I added an account to Workstation A that Workstation B logs on to. I cannot map the drive using the Netbios name, however can do it through IP address. Although this sounds like a DNS issue (which there is none due to lack of connectivity), anyone have any ideas (besides upgrading them to a domain which they do not need at this time)?

I thought it might be the router's security, however could see no settings in its config stating so.

Please help.

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by willcomp In reply to can only map to IP addres ...

Ensure that NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled on both PCs.


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by w2ktechman In reply to can only map to IP addres ...

turn on computer browser service
add to the hosts file the name and ip address

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by ReWrite In reply to can only map to IP addres ...

To use computer names you must either enable netbios over tcpip (in the connection's properties dialog) or add the netbeui protocol.



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by rindi1 In reply to can only map to IP addres ...

If you are going for answer 2 you must make sure your Workstations have static IP Addresses.

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by RogMJ007 In reply to can only map to IP addres ...

Make certain that both workstations belong to the same workgroup.

Right-click "My Computer" on the desktop or within the Start menu
Select Properties and select the "Computer Name" tab.
Click on the "Change" button and select a name for the Workgroup.

Reboot the computer(s).

You should be able to map to the computer name.

P.S. Make sure your firewall settings do not prohibit ports 135-137, 139.

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by razz2 In reply to can only map to IP addres ...

Stick with the willcomp and rewrite answers on this one.

Your workstations are both on the LAN side of the
router so the firewall is a non-issue. Netbios names are
not limited to workgroup either.

As to the browser service, it is enable by default. You
may however want to set one to always be the Master

make sure that TCP has netbios enabled and try to ping
by name.

You could install netbeui but why when tcp/ip is there
and will work.


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