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can P-III 450Mhz run in P-II motherboard

By cruzvljr ·
some of the applications i run (power point, word, windows media player ver. 9) crashes or freezes (note: the computer is using WinXp Pro and Office Xp Pro). it seems that the application is corrupt. I found out that the P-III 450Mhz (100Mhz front side-bus) computer is running in Zida BX98 motherboard that supports P-II (up to 550Mhz)and Celeron (upto 366Mhz). This is one of the motherboards feature: 'Optimized for the highestperformance Intel PENTIUM II processors with 100Mhz front-side bus.'Also the computer is using a 128Mb P-66Mhz RAM or memory. This means that the P-III processor (100Mhz front-side bus), P-II motherboard (100Mhz memory bus) and RAM (P-66Mhz) are in conflict with each other. Question #1) Do you think that this conflict resulted in the application's crashing or freezing? Question #2) can P-III 450Mhz run in P-II motherboard (Zida BX98 to be specific)without having a problem? Question #3) Does P-II motherboards supports P-III processors? Question #4)can the conflict that i mentioned damage the CPU, resulting in the application's crashing or freezing? Please do help me.

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by TheChas In reply to can P-III 450Mhz run in P ...

1. YES, you need faster RAM. For XP, I would install as much PC 100/133 RAM as you can.

CAUTION: Make sure that you can return or exchange the RAM. Many older motherboards require specific RAM structures. If you can find some older PC100 double sided 128MB DIMMs you should be okay.

2,3. Per the FAQ at Zida,
"Q9. I have BX98-3D motherboard. I preparative update CPU and hard disk.Can I use FC-PGA CPU?

A9. BX98-3D mainboard don't support FC-PGA CPU. It can support up to Pentium III 550MHz (Katmai FSB 100MHz ) by use 1.06 or over BIOS ver.

BX98-3D can support 32GB hard disk."

3b. Not all PII motherboards support the use of PIII CPUs. Yours does, IF you have the latest BIOS.

4. Not likely. The main way a CPU is damaged is if the core voltage is set too high and you do not have enough heat-sink to remove the excess heat.


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