Can people take my photo's off facebook

By spinu_buc63 ·
Can people print my photo's off my facebook page and use them in a court of law against me or my friends.

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Uh, probably.

by seanferd In reply to Can people take my photo' ...

Print or copy the images? Sure.

Use them in a court of law against you? Depends on what they supposedly show and the relevant law , but generally, yes.

Good luck with whatever it is.

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oh my

by NexS In reply to Can people take my photo' ...

I know NOTHING of facebook.
I have mt partner step me through anything I may need to do(I use the term "need" because she tells me that I need to).

If you put something online publicly then it's your own responsibility and I suppose the court can interpret that as they wish.

It is a bit of a silly question, to be honest.

(edited for spelling)

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by frank In reply to Can people take my photo' ...

As long as that person has access to view a photo of you it's as easy as right-click, save-picture-as. The only way to prevent it is to restrict your account enough so they can't view your image, but that doesn't stop someone else from getting it for them.

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Yes they most certainly can

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can people take my photo' ...

So it's defiantly not a good idea to post photos of you and your fiends doing anything illegal.

It makes the work of the Police so much easier when they have Idiot Criminals who present them with the evidence of the crimes that they commit.

Mind you it also makes it easier to receive a conviction when the Criminals effectively not only plead guilty but present the authorities with the Proof of the crime. :^0


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Mind you most criminals are caught

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Yes they most certainly c ...

Because they are incapable of keeping their Mouths Shut and tell everyone and their dog what they have done, then wonder how they got caught. :^0


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