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Can Promise Raid read HPT370 mirror

By sfvortex ·
I have a dead ABIT KG7 Raid MB (HPT370
Raid controller on the board) with a Raid 1
mirror set (probably working just fine).
I just bought an ASUS A8V-DX MB to replace
the dead KG7. The A8V-DX has a Promise
PDC20378 Raid controller onboard.
Both Raid controllers are parallel ATA, IDE,
Can I move the two mirrored drives from the
KG7 to the A8V-DX? Will the files remain
If not, can I take just one of the mirrored drives
out of the old system and use it as a single,
non-Raid drive, without losing data or going
through some sort of conversion? Will the disk
be damaged if I try to read it on the plain old
IDE bus?
THANKS for any advice you can give me!!

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by BFilmFan In reply to Can Promise Raid read HPT ...

If it is just an IDE mirror, you should be able to plug that drive into another IDE cable and read it.

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by sfvortex In reply to

Yep - it was instantly recognized!! Thanks!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can Promise Raid read HPT ...

As B Film Fan has said you should be able to remove one of the HDD's and read it on the other M'Board if it really was setup as a Mirrored RAID array.

But with the different Hardware involved they will not just plug in and play as there are different drivers involved so most likely Windows will not load. But if you use it as a slave drive you will be able to recover all your data without a problem and make a Backup of it so that next time you do not run into this problem.

As far as RAID controllers go the Promise one should be the better one as that one allows you to rebuild a damaged Drive without loosing all of your data where as the first one didn't have this option which Intel doesn't think is necessary so they to don't use the Promise Chip sets for their RAID controllers. It also could be that the Promise ones are a bit more expensive to.

That is the main difference between the Raid controllers otherwise they are remarkably similar but you will not be able to just plug in the 2 drives and go as they will not have the correct drivers for the M'Board so you'll have to first load up a HDD and run one of your mirrored drives as a slave or on another IDE channel and backup your data and then you can install them into the computer and run the setup procedure again and reinstall Windows onto the RAID Array.


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by sfvortex In reply to

A really complete answer!! Thanks! All was as you said.

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by sfvortex In reply to Can Promise Raid read HPT ...

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