Can Qualify for a Clearance if I had a felony Conviction and credit issues>

By deeandrob3 ·
I have been a Sr. Technical Writer/Business Analsyt for over 12 years but have never applied for jobs paying more money because of clearance issues. I've always thought that if you had a conviction (mine over 15years ago) that you would be looked over. Because of this economy, I've had unpaid bills that have affected my credit rating. Can a competent writer/analyst still get cleared if you had these issues in the past? Any advise would be appreciated. I really want to take the next step but don't know if I'm wasting my time.

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I just noticed this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Can Qualify for a Clearan ...
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From my understanding

by w2ktechman In reply to Can Qualify for a Clearan ...

they only look back 10 years. So you may be in the clear, depending on the type of security clearance that you are looking for.

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Level of clearance determines

by SKDTech In reply to Can Qualify for a Clearan ...

The level of clearance determines how far back they will go in a background check. As to whether or not a felony will disqualify you from being able to obtain a security clearance is dependent upon what you were found guilty of and whether or not it is indicative of you and your character. It will cause them to examine you closer should it be discovered.

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And perhaps what it was for....

by robo_dev In reply to Level of clearance determ ...

Like if you stole a F15, then Lockheed might think twice before granting you a clearance for the F22 project.....:)

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In that situation

by SKDTech In reply to And perhaps what it was f ...

I highly doubt you would be too worried about getting a security clearance while rotting away in Leavenworth.

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by 45GEEK In reply to Can Qualify for a Clearan ...

No security clearance can be given with a felony conviction. The only way around that one is to have your rights reinstated. You have to have no convictions of any kind including traffic tickets in a 10 year span to apply to have your rights restored. After your rights are restored you can apply and possibly receive a Confidential Clearance but would have to have another 10 year period with the Confidential Clearance to qualify for the next higher step.

The felony would disqualify you for any clearance. The credit problem would disqualify you for any clearance above Confidential.

Hope that helps.

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it varies from state to state

by daniel In reply to Clearance

What the 45GEEK said is true, however it varies state to state on getting your rights back. In Arizona for example its 2 yrs, and the sentencing judge must reinstate, and 3 yrs for firearms reinstatement. I have no idea about the security clearance requirements however.

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