can' reinstall windows on Compaq laptop

By HotHippieChick ·
I got a laptop from a friend who said it didn't work. When you start it up, it tries to start windows 2000, but can not, shows a system error stating that the following file is missing or corrupt:
\WINN\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEMced startup options for windows 2000 press F8
to repair file using original setup floppy disk or cd-rom select 'r' at the first screen

I have tried all the options from the OS menu for windows 2000, and have tried installing a new system by both cd-rom and floppy disk, but it will not read either drive, or atleast will not boot from them. I have also tried pressing F1 repeatedly to get to the bios menu, but it continues to attempt to boot the damaged windows program, giving me the same error message over and over again. Please help, I am totaly stumped as to what I can try next. I really hate to have to give up on a free laptop.

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Without the model

by Jacky Howe In reply to can' reinstall windows on ...

information we are at a bit of a loss. Compaq Presario desktop computers built prior to 2002, press F10.

Wait 5 seconds.

Enter the BIOS and make sure that Boot from CD is enabled as the first Boot device.

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sorry it's a 1800T

by HotHippieChick In reply to Without the model

a friend told me to do the same thing but when I tried to enter BIOS it asked fo a password, and I honestly have no idea what that mite be...so again I am at a loss. I have contacted both HP regarding this and Phoenix Technologies, the makers of my BIOS program. Any other ideas?

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I'm sorry

by Jacky Howe In reply to sorry it's a 1800T

I can't help with the password. Your best bet would be to follow the advice of HP.

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"Pressing F1 repeatedly"?. Do not do this, just hold the F1 key down..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to can' reinstall windows on ...

If you keep on pressing the F1 key on your keyboard sometimes it will not work, so, just hold down the F1 key and you should get into your BIOS.

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Do you have the "Restore" CD?

by Kenone In reply to can' reinstall windows on ...

If so then put the CD in the drive and start the machine, when the menu pops up select #4 Factory Restore and away you go.

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A lot of times

by IC-IT In reply to can' reinstall windows on ...

that error can be fixed with a Chkdsk /R
Since it has a BIOS password and will not allow you to change the boot device, your only option remaining is to pull the hard drive.
Then use an adaptor to slave it to another machine and run the command.

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What kind of adapter?

by HotHippieChick In reply to A lot of times

what kind of adapter? I have a desk top that I could slave it to, but how? Could you give me step by step instructions? Aswell as how to pull the hard drive from the laptop? I am more familiar with desk tops personaly.

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