Can routers or access points talk to one another wirelessly?

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I want to use another router or access points to extend the wireless network. It is difficult to have an Ethernet cable between them.

I wonder whether it is possible to set one to receive signal from the other through Wi-Fi.

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by robo_dev In reply to Can routers or access poi ...

Three possible approaches:

1) If the problem is limited coverage, the best solution is to buy an AP with greater range or configure antenna or AP placement so the coverage is better.

2) The 'right' way to do this is with an enterprise-class AP like Cisco that fully supports using an Access Point as a 'bridge with clients'.

The caveat here is that if the AP has only one radio, you cut throughput is half. Some APs use multiple radios, so that the AP-AP connection is on one radio (and frequency) and your clients are on a different radio. There are also mesh or controller-based solutions that can do this as well.($$$).

3) You can setup a dedicated WLAN bridge, and simply plug the access point at the far end into the bridge. just make sure the channels/frequencies do not overlap

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by chdchan In reply to Can routers or access poi ...

You may buy a router compliant to WDS standard and build upward with one or more APs. MAC address restriction can come into play when you want specific Wifi clients to use specific coverage segments.

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