Can second Wireless Router Act As Repeater

By Goldenbarstewart ·
Hello - I wonder if there is a way to extend the wireless coverage in an area by using a second similar wireless router. I am using a Belkin54g wireless router but find coverage is weak in some areas. Do I have to replace the G with an N+ router or can I use a second Belkin54G router to extend the coverage area?

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An N router may or may not help

by IC-IT In reply to Can second Wireless Route ...

If your client system(s) don't have a N type wireless in them you can not take advantage of the N technology. If they do then it may help.

Another option would be to buy a wireless repeator or check out this option - DD-wrt;

Check if your router is flashable;

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Yes you can use a Second Router to extend the coverage

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can second Wireless Route ...

But it would be better and cheaper to use a WiFi Extender unless oyu have a spare router laying around.

If you use a Router you have to disable most of it's Functions and ideally run a Copper Cable between the two tot he Uplink Port of the one that is the extension.

Then you need to enter the Second Routers Setup and disable all but the WiFi so that you do not issolate whatever connects tot he second Router from the remainder of the Network.

To get internet access or access to Shares you'll also need to bridge the Wired and Wireless LAN's so that they can communicate with each other. Most Routers have the 2 LAN Types disabled by default to prevent computers on the wired LAN communicating with computers on the Wireless LAN.


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