Can see other wireless networks but not my own

By clive_bagshaw ·
3 computers on home wireless network. Desktop, laptop and netbook. Only desktop connects OK. laptop and netbook can see other networks locally but not my own. All was OK till recently. Desktop & Laptop run on Windows XP Pro SP3, netbook runs on linpus Linux.

Yes the wireless LAN switch is on at both non-functioning machines. All are set to correct settings, Router is set to mode G only, channel 13 and is set to broadcast SSID and act as DHCP server and DNS server. Device manager shows no conflicts on laptop. Latest wireless LAN card drivers loaded.

Firewalls turned off makes no difference.
Any ideas please?

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You might try

by mwalsh In reply to Can see other wireless ne ...

Try throwing the router into mixed mode and try different channels.

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Reponse To Answer

by gavin310 In reply to You might try

Created an account on here just to say I was having a similar problem. I could see 8 different networks around me on my Windows 7 laptop, but not my home network. My iPhone could see and connect to my home network just fine. I tried everything I could find online. Finally I saw this. I didn't think changing the channel would do anything, but the channel was set to 13, so I changed it to 1. It instantly showed up in my wireless networks list and now it works as it should.

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You say All was OK till recently.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can see other wireless ne ...

So what changes where made just before this stopped working?

That is where you need to look as we will just be guessing at things that may in no way be related tot his problem.

For instance it's no good suggesting things to look at in the different OS's if you reset the WiFi Router and it is limited to just the one connection which is not uncommon.


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dont know why but.........

by carld1122 In reply to Can see other wireless ne ...

i'm no techie but my sons laptop had been used for over a year with our home network. tonight for no reason it would not find our network (windows 7) on the list. i tried evrything. all forums and evrything they suggested, and i mean EVERYTHING. Anyway, finally i got a dsl cable and hardwired the laptop to the router/modem (siemens) this gave me a connection and got our network up on the list!! i restarted with cable connected, still ok, then shut down, unplugged cable and switched back on, prais ebe to god the wireless network came up on the list and all seems well. Posting this on the off chance that it m,ight help somebody someday. Cheers all

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Issue of not seeing your own network while other network shows

by asmhashmi In reply to Can see other wireless ne ...

This is a known problem, and I have come across this issue many times. Some time one or more than one wireless stations unable to see the wireless router in scanned list.
Reason to this is a glitch in router software/hardware mostly.
First try restarting router as well as resetting uninstalling/reinstalling wireless adaptor (Make sure if you have wireless adaptor drivers or skip uninstalling just reset).

If it doesn't work then it router wireless security issue. Log into router by its IP address (Usually or are used as router default IPs, User name and password varies model to model, most common are admin/admin admin/password for sky its admin/sky for virgin its admin/virgin etc, some routers have admin/password written in manual or underneith router)

Once you successfully logged into router, Go into wireless security setting, change the security encryption type, if its WEP , change it to WPA or WPA2 and you can keep the security key same if you wish. Also Change SSID, its important as most computers save security keys and if you change it with same SSID, it will not connect.

It will solve your problem hopefully.

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