Can skpe VOIP application be used over LAN network?

By bssiberia ·
Is there a VOIP application which can be used over a LAN network?

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Login needed

by TobiF In reply to Can skpe VOIP application ...

Skype would need to login to the servers. So at least one of the clients needs contact with internet.
But traffic between two computers on the same lan is usually routed directly between them. (So I can send a file between my two computers on the same lan with amazing speed, despite slow connection to the rest of the world.

If you need something that would work without server support from the internet, then you may need to find either a true peer-to-peer solution, or set up your internal server (asterisk, other SIP, or whatever)

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Actually both Skype clients need internet access

by LarryD4 In reply to Login needed

Both Skype client will require internet access and they will both route to Skype's server during a call.

But if your simply looking for a way to communicate voice via your lan there are a bunch of free products or, if you have an MS server, you could use MS Communicator for free that has a limitation on the number of connects or you can by the license to remove the limitation.

As a free alternative you could look in to Teamspeak. TS3 server side is free for 32 connections, once you go above that you need to register as a non profit or buy a enterprise license.

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