Can some one please help me?

By skylinegtr35 ·
Hi, I am getting this error page when ever I try to download anything ending with .dll, .exe, .txt and stuff.

For example, from ebay:

High security alert!!!
You are not permitted to download the file "eBayISAPI.dll".


what could be the problem with this? and how can I fix it? Thank you!

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Is this a company computer?

by zlitocook In reply to Can some one please help ...

Or your home computer, if it is a company computer the IT guys may have down loads blocked. If it a home computer you may have security in IE on high and it stop allot of things.
Check security settings, if you use Nortons internet security check the settings on it too.
Clean, defrag and do a virus scan on your computer. When you down load do you right click and do a save as or just let it down load by its self?

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Its a home computer

by skylinegtr35 In reply to Is this a company compute ...

My current IE setting is at the default medium setting, and no matter if I let it download by it self such as loading certain webpages or right click to download a file it gives the same error message. I tried virus scan, spyware scan, cleaning cache, cleaning temp internet files and nothing seem to work...

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Install Firefox

by jmgarvin In reply to Its a home computer

Ok, I's silly, but honestly FF is a far better browser.

It is most probably your firewall, check your firewall setting and make sure you aren't blocking those sites (make them trusted). Also if you have a third party firewall, turn off Windows firewall.

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Well firstly this is a Security Setting

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Its a home computer

As every file that you have listed has the potential to carry a virus in.

You not only need to check the IE Security Settings but any Firewall Settings as this could trigger the exact same response and altering IE Security properly is painful to say the least. It isn't sufficient to just slide down that bar you really have to go into the settings and enable what you want to download. And then remember that every time that you do this you are making the computer more susceptible to attack & Infection.

Also when you ran the Spy Ware Scans did you perform these in Safe Mode Without Networking? if not they are unlikely to have cleaned out everything that you have picked up.


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