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can some1 help me? my screen says-primary hard disc not found???

By rstokes60 ·
when i try to reboot it keeps comming up with this>>primary disc 0 not found!!! erroe [Krst] any suggestions?? thanks

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Disk is hosed?

by jmgarvin In reply to can some1 help me? my scr ...

Any more info? Is this at Post or when the OS boots or what?

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info!!! boot up

by rstokes60 In reply to Disk is hosed?

yes this is when i first turn on computer,,, then that error comes up!!!i have windows xp pro,,,

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Wild guess

by ahYeop In reply to can some1 help me? my scr ...

First, test the HDD as a slave on other PC. If it can be seen on that pc, you better check your RAM. Or try to replace your cable. I had that problem before.

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HD tests

by Cgoeckel In reply to can some1 help me? my scr ...

I have done the suggestions that ahYeop has given you. Sometimes it's something as simple as the cable going bad (pinched between parts) or a bad boot sector.

If it is seen as a slave try doing a repair and if that fails format the drive and see if that works.

Our organization uses 90% Dell computers. We get the CDs for troubleshooting and most of the time it turns out to be a pinched cable since Dell put alot of their Optiplex (GX 60, 260, 280, 270) in swing open cases and the cables get pinched.

If none of those the vendor and if the system is still under warranty get the drive replaced.

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