Can someone clear me this Adsense Policy please?

By usaidr20 ·
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In Modifications of AdSense ad code → Techniques to avoid, it says that:
"Implementing AdSense ad code in a way that covers content or where content covers ads".
Does it mean that we can't place ads over content in a manner that users won't be able to see content in any way? OR
If we have a site with a sticky menu bar or buttons like Jump to the top or some sticky notification or a sticky small text box that stays on the screen as the user scrolls. Now when the user will keep on moving the sticky box or menu will move over ads too. But it is not actually covering ads rather it is moving over ads. Does it also violate Adsense policy?

Now I personally don't think that these things actually violate policies because the auto anchor ad is also moving over the content.
But I want an expert's opinion as some person told me they might violate policies.
Any guidance will be appreciated.
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My question is...

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Can someone clear me this ...

Did they notify you of a violation or are you just worried?

As to experts, we have many but my view is the screen shot shared is fine.

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No, Have not received any violation

by usaidr20 In reply to My question is...

I have been using the floating text box on my site for a long time. As per my experience, I don't think accidental or invalid clicks happen because of that.
It's just that somebody on the Adsense community told me that it is against policy. However, the person did not see the screenshot or site.
That's why I got worried. Otherwise, a lot of websites use the same sticky boxes, menus, or buttons.

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When all else fails.....

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Can someone clear me this ...
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I did search...

by usaidr20 In reply to When all else fails.....

Actually, I just wanted someone to explain this specific line. I actually copied it from this page.
I want to know that whether the implementation of a sticky text box comes against this policy?

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Adsense Policy please

by onewordigcaptions In reply to Can someone clear me this ...

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