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    Can someone from a Non IT or nonquantitative background move into cyber sec


    by Aspiring analyst ·

    Hello Everyone, can you please help me on deciding whether i should pursue a career in cyber security or not, I have a BA in Accounting but i would be more than happy for leaving the industry for learning cyber security and pursuing relevant certifications, however i am not sure whether employers of cyber security professionals would take this in a bad way as my background mostly is outside the scope of IT or quantitative subjects.
    and if so how should i start in terms of learning (aside from (ISC)2 and comptia certifications as i think those will be the next step for me after i get the hang of the foundations first).

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      Why not?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Can someone from a Non IT or nonquantitative background move into cyber sec

      Most of cyber sec is policies and training your employees. That and getting your systems secure. I doubt a non-programmer can do the actual security work but someone with good writing skills and a psychology degree would be instrumental in policy writing and understanding how such breaches occur.

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      Pro Tip to have Career in Cyber Security

      by DigitalGyani ·

      In reply to Can someone from a Non IT or nonquantitative background move into cyber sec

      Candidates from Non-IT backgrounds can certainly have a career in Cyber Security if they possess a simple understanding & fundamentals of networking, If not they can certainly get any associative course done for the same.
      Any basic Graduate who has a fair understanding of networking can start his career in the field Cyber Security thoroughly. He can further excel in his career by gaining decent experience & allied Certifications in the same.

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      Just a word of warning

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Can someone from a Non IT or nonquantitative background move into cyber sec

      Here in AU we have had 2 major Security Cracks in the past few weeks the first being Optus where over 10 million customer details where lifted and the second one being Medicare where several Health Insurance Companies have probably had all their customer Data Stolen and maybe even tampered with.

      Along with those major instances of cracking systems there have been a couple more where Telstra has had their employees data cracked the Australian Federal Police have had all their investigations data compromised.

      What they all have in common is that these places are hanging out the most junior members of their Security Teams to dry in the breeze for the cracks so maybe getting your foot in the door of Cyber Security is not all you think it is cracked up to be.

      One of the places which should know better claim by mistake they allowed a development of their new system to go live with no security another had at least changed the Routers password from the default to 12345678 which is about as useful as a bull with tits on it, but what is obvious to anyone who works Cyber Security is that neither of those places had even the most basic idea of how to secure their systems.

      The AU Government or the previous AU Government setup a Cloud System for their Military suppliers which was supposed to be Super Secure which in reality meant that it could withstand an attack from a Foreign State for about 2 seconds before failing and allowing all the data of the Military Suppliers into enemy hands. I actually had the Feds here blaming me for no longer supporting a supplier who switched to the “Secure System” that the previous Government had instigated and I was to blame for this company using what they had been told was safe to use.

      I suggested charge me and I’ll say in Open Court who is really to blame as he is the feral leader of his Political Party now and has about as much idea of securing a System as the SS had Sympathy for Jews. Naturally however he has not been contacted about what anyone else would be charged with Treason For but he insists that he has saved the companies money who used the service he was responsible for instigating even if they have had to revert to their older setup’s which at that time had been secure and now no longer are, though I’m not sure if those who helped themselves to the data in question really want to get back in to have another look see and copy all that they can off the systems.

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        It wasn’t long ago.

        by rproffitt ·

        In reply to Just a word of warning

        That a telecom union demanded the password be “password.” Why? When the login came up, on screen it said “Enter password”

        As to 12345, hey that’s the code on my luggage!

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