Can someone help - PS2 Mouse doesnt work in combination with USB Keyboard?

By IrishAL0 ·
Hello, firstly I have tried to search for a solution to this problem using Google & the search facility on the discussion page but with no success so I hope someone can help.
I recently purchased a new Dell USB keyboard for my desktop PC. Previously I had a PS/2 keyboard and still use a PS/2 mouse. The problem is that the new USB keyboard works fine but the PS/2 mouse has stopped responding (power LED is on). I restarted the PC with old PS/2 keyboard plugged in again & new USB keyboard also plugged in and this time the mouse worked again, then I unplugged the PS/2 keyboard and mouse still worked, restarted the PC and again the mouse had stopped working.

I'm running Vista.


Alan .

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hi, it should work, but lets see...

by markp24 In reply to Can someone help - PS2 Mo ...

I have used that combo in the past with WinXP. Honestly a quick fix would be to go and get a USB mouse for $20)

but thats not the question, Can i ask what brand/model computer are you using? Have you checked the bios and if the "use USB legacy support is enabled", disable it, or vice versa. (I know this doents have to do with the ps2 mouse function, but oddly it helped me with USB hard drives and detecting them in the past, so its worth a try here)

Does the new keyboard have a touchpad or other pointing device embeded?

My guess is that the Drives for the keyboard are conflickting with the PS2 mouse driver. One thing you can try is reinstalling the mouse drivers from Device manager.

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Here I think it's related to the Driver for the keyboard

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can someone help - PS2 Mo ...

Try restarting the unit with the PS2 Keyboard and then go to Device Manager and remove the Keyboard. Shut down the computer and remove the PS2 Keyboard and plug in the USB Keyboard and then restart the system.

When Windows opens it will install a Keyboard Driver and it may work. Of course if you need to enter a Password to open Windows disable this before deleting the keyboard.

Or you could use a USB to PS2 Adapter.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=843&bih=564&wrapid=tlif132344957543010&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=13296105589647781359&sa=X&ei=7jziTtO9NqOfiAez7Ym2BQ&ved=0CG0Q8wIwAw#


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