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Can someone help walk me through DNS.

By mmbc_voltron ·
I have tried multipule times to setup up a test 2k server. It seems to always fail when I am setting up DNS. So if someone can help walk me through each step that would be great. Right now I have re-loaded 2k server and just updated to SP4. Now I need to set a static IP. I am getting one from my linksys router right now of 103. Should I set the static to Before I was using something like and then setting the DHCP to

after I get the Static IP asigned I have to setup DHCP. There is no special help there. it is all striaght forward.

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by maxwell edison In reply to Can someone help walk me ...

Windows 2000 DNS White Paper

This paper describes the Windows 2000 operating system Domain Naming System (DNS), including design, implementation, and migration issues. It discusses how DNS is implemented in Windows 2000, shows examples of DNS implementations, and describes the architectural criteria that network architects and administrators should consider when designing a DNS namespace for the Active Directory? service to provide reliable network naming services.

The purpose of this document is to assist network architects and administrators in planning the Windows 2000 Active Directory service DNS deployment strategy. It covers the design, implementation, and migration issues that need to be considered when rolling out a scalable and robust DNS solution as a global name service.

Although this paper assumes familiarity with DNS, it provides a short overview of DNS basics.

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by mmbc_voltron In reply to

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by willcomp In reply to Can someone help walk me ...

In brief:

Let router handle DHCP. Set server static IP address within same subnet but outside DHCP range of router.


Router DHCP range is to (50 addresses starting at

Set server IP address to

It is easier to let router handle DHCP on a small network. If you want server to provide DHCP, then you must disable DHCP on router. Cannot have 2 DHCP servers on same network.


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by mmbc_voltron In reply to

I used the server as the DHCP.
I now have the Event I 5781 error and
can't fix it. I have tried the rename netlogon.dns and nothing.

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by mmbc_voltron In reply to Can someone help walk me ...

So I setup DHCP on my 2k server. The address of my server is
Now I will setup the router to forward port 53.
So now I am ready for DCPROMO. My server name is SERVER. and I want to name my internal domain to I will keep you posted on the steps I do. Unless I need to setup and configure DNS before the DCPROMO. I just figured that it will do the configuring on it's own.

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by razz2 In reply to Can someone help walk me ...

I could not disagree with willcomp more. In any 2000 or 2003
network, DHCP should be on the server. many small business' do
do it his way, but that is only because of a lack of knowledge,
not because it is good design. Any XP or 2000 clients look for
logon servers and AD service info in DNS. They may even try to
register themselves in DNS. If the DHCP is the router then it will
assign ISP DNS servers and you will generate many errors in
logs. Put DHCP on the server and config options for DNS, Wins if
needed, gateway etc.

I do not know what you are trying to acomplish, but since you
said "test 2k server" I will make some guesses.

When you say "seems to always fail when I am setting up DNS",
what does it say, do, or log?

I will assume the following:

1. You know that you are using public ip's.

If your server is behind a firewall / router then it should be a
private ip. Something like 192.168.y.z or 10.x.y.z. Even if it is
public, there are advantages to it being screened. If it needs for
some reason to be public then you're ok but it should still be
behind the firewall, maybe on an Optional Port, to stop Dos
attacks etc. (I do not know why a test server would be public

Now, Why do you want to use a public domain name of If it is the public server then have the domain point at
the router public ip and keep the internal DNS/DOMAIN as
BTB.local. Using a .com internally will cause issues with external
resolution of that domain.

I usually set routers at .1, .2 etc up to whatever. Servers are .10,
.11 etc and workstations in the .100's. Network printers in the
.200's but that is subjective.

Run DC Promo and let it setup DNS. Do not choose to be a root
serverIf it sets up as a root then go into DNS and delete the "."
entry. Then the root hints will function and you could even set
forwarders to the ISP DNS servers.

DNS can be complex, but in a single 2000 domain it should auto

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by razz2 In reply to

The text cut off. It should auto setup fine is what I said in the
last line.

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by mmbc_voltron In reply to

I am almost there. I now get the error that is up in my comment.

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by mmbc_voltron In reply to Can someone help walk me ...

Thks razz2
I will change the IP to for the server and add the DHCP option for the router @ Then When I run DCpromo I will use the .local instead.

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by mmbc_voltron In reply to Can someone help walk me ...

I get this error after dcpromo.

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: NETLOGON
Event Category: None
Event I 5781
Date: date
Time: time
User: N/A
Computer: SERVER

Dynamic registration or deregistration of one or more DNS records failed because no DNS servers are available.

I looked it up and found this:

I did want it says and restarted and still the same error happened.

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