Can someone help with freezing & firewall probs on laptop?

By iq189 ·
Hi, to all!
I was so impressed by the knowledge and understanding the necessity of simple explanations at this site (and I've looked at a lot) that I joined and now need your help. I know someone here can help me but please remember, 'lay person's terms", ok? Also, I apologize from the start, this is a rather long one.

I have a Toshiba Satellite A55-S1063, Intel Celeron, wireless capable, has been upgraded, Windows XP, Servicepack 3. I connect via LAN2. I am not sure which is memory or ?, but I have 2 gigs of? and as of now have used less than half. As an Ebay seller, I do have pics but am in the process of removing (another thing I am learning about) and almost all removed now. I hope this is the right info. Also, keep in mind, NONE of these problems were happening prior to HughesNet install.

I recently had HughesNet satellite installed. I live in what I call 'the black hole' b/c nothing works well here, not even 'dial-up'. Yeah...Had Sprint's Sierra Aircard and as long as I used the outside antenna, I had a somewhat decent service. Last year, Sprint made me start using a newer model aircard, still Sierra but with no port to connect antenna. Was told I could use old aircard but it would cost a sizeable amount to connect it. No explanation... I called HughesNet, told them I knew nothing about satellite service, explained my needs and was told satellite was extremely fast and would work perfectly here. Installed it 1st week of Feburary, seemed to be okay then almost overnight, problems started. My laptop would freeze randomly, so much so I would have to unplug it and remove the battery. Now this is so often, I'm trying to beat the clock to get all of this submitted. Next was told to put a proxy server in place by the free play poker site we like to play on. ( I make HughesNet aware of this and my game play on Worldwinner, etc.; they said no prob.) I did not, still do not know all the places I had to enter the proxy #'s and port. Please, help. Several error msgs said firewall problems, I could not access the firewall part of Security Center..said no ICF available. I don't know exactly how to not only get to an Exceptions tab but how many should there be, i.e. Firefox, IE. Firefox is my default. I really, really need help. I did manage to get the sound going on the poker site on my own...YEA!!! I know I can learn these things as my username is exactly what it says. Even if all you can do is give me the titles of books or site addresses, that would be great!

Time to end this...don't want to freeze and not be able to submit...Thanks and again, I do appreciate your talents and knowledge!

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You laptop locking up could be several things:

by robo_dev In reply to Can someone help with fre ...

a) overheating caused by dust, faulty fan, or other issue.
b) Hardware failure (e.g. bad RAM, faulty motherboard, failing hard-drive)
c) Virus, spyware, or other Windows problem.

To solve this problem, you need to do some hardware diagnostics. There are several ways to do this:

On many laptops there is a diags partition on the hard drive, which you access via a special key sequence on boot.

You can download these programs from Toshiba and run them on a USB drive or CD.

Or you can bootup with a Linux 'Live CD'.

If I had to guess, I would bet that your laptop will fail diagnostics, and it has an issue like the cooling fan is plugged with dust and not spinning, so it overheats and dies.

If the machine can boot and run a Linux live CD just fine all day and night, then the hardware is OK.

Typically a 'hard lock' like that is hardware. If you machine runs slowly in Windows and gives all sorts of program failures, then that would point to software and/or virus.

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