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Can someone teach me Coding ?

By obkum ·
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Can someone teach me programming, in a Master and Apprentice relationship ?
I tried regular programming courses but they never teach why should I do to that and not that instead. They only say do this, this and then you're gonna get this. I am 14 years old and, I think that's it. If anyone is interested contact me here or with my discord OBKUM#0567 .
No payment.
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by imlewii In reply to Can someone teach me Codi ...

Good luck finding someone to teach you(not in a sarcastic way), also would be helpful to know what programming language you're talking about. One thing I would say is to try code academy, some pretty useful courses on there.

Labs and small projects by yourself will also help you learn a language.

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by sadiqrehan1512 In reply to Can someone teach me Codi ...

Hey, Why don't you learn online? There are many courses available on Online learning sites like Udmey, Udacity, etc. They even provide certification after the completion of the course.

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