Can someone tell me how to take out my old CPU?

By LiLac22281 ·
I have a Dell Dimension 2400 with a Pentium 4 2.2GHz processor. I have found a 3.06 GHz /533 MHz Pentium 4. Is it going to be easy for me to do this myself? Thank you for any info.

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Do you

by jfuller05 In reply to Can someone tell me how t ...

know what the socket is? A processor connects to the motherboard by way of a socket.

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Do you mean...

by LiLac22281 In reply to Do you

478 pin? Is that the socket?

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Is it compatible?

by patb071 In reply to Can someone tell me how t ...

Have you made sure that the cpu is compatible with the motherboard? also you will need some thermal grease to apply the heat sink to the cpu

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I looked at the manuals at Dell...

by LiLac22281 In reply to Is it compatible?

to make sure that this one would be compatible. I was disappointed to know that I could only upgrade this machine to another Pentium 4.
I have never heard of thermal grease--thanks for the info and help.

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Here are general instructions

by jfuller05 In reply to Can someone tell me how t ...

Examine the new Pentium 4 processor and verify that all the pins are straight and ready to be plugged into the motherboard. If any of the pins are bent, carefully push the pins back into place by hand.
Shut the computer off and unplug the electrical cord on the back of the computer base from the power source. Then undo the screws on the back of the central processor unit (CPU) with a screwdriver and slide the case top off of the base. Lay the case down so that the motherboard is lying flat, even with the table surface that you are using.
Locate the Pentium processor that is in the motherboard. Remove the old processor by lifting the socket handle on the side of the processor until it is vertical to the motherboard and lifting the processor straight up until it is clear of the pin sockets and then take the processor out of the CPU. Do not lean on any parts connected to the motherboard while lifting the processor out.
Turn the new Pentium 4 processor over so that you are looking at the pin side and locate the triangle in the corner of the processor. You will use this corner as your orientation point. Line up the corner with the marking on the processor sockets on your motherboard. When you have the new processor in position, push down slowly and carefully to prevent any pins from getting bent or damaged.
Press the center of the processor and each of the corners to verify that it is seated properly in the motherboard. Close the lever on the side of the processor to lock it into the motherboard.
Slide the cover back over the computer base and secure the cover with screws. Plug the electrical cord from the computer back into the power source and turn the computer on to verify the processor is working properly. When you are satisfied, turn the computer off.

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This is what I was looking for...

by LiLac22281 In reply to Here are general instruct ...

Thanks for your time.

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This is what I was looking for, too...

by LiLac22281 In reply to Step by step, from Dell, ...

Thank you also. I probably could have found that on Dell, but I have 4 kids and no patience. Sometimes I feel like I have adult A.D.D.!

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Some Comments

by willcomp In reply to Can someone tell me how t ...

Exercise caution when removing heat sink retaining clips. They are plastic and become a bit brittle with age.

CPU is supported by motherboard but you may need to update BIOS before removing old CPU. You have an older Dimension 2400 and BIOS likely does not include support for a 3GHz CPU.

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My BIOS is A00...

by LiLac22281 In reply to Some Comments

I know there is an update, but I heard that flashing the BIOS requires great caution. Oh, and I have to have a floppy drive to flash my BIOS, according to the Dell website. Thanks for the heatsink clips info.

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