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Can someone tell me if my understanding of the OSI Model is correct?

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The Physical layer defines connector and interface specification as well as medium requirements. This layer is the actual hardware required for connection from one device to another. It describes the electrical, optical, mechanical and function interfaces from the physical medium to carry signals from one device to the next.

The Data Link layer provides error-free transfer of data frame from one node to another over the physical layer. This is the physical protocol assigned to data for the type of network to send and receive messages on a network using physical addresses of a device. It provides link establishment and termination, frame traffic control, frame sequencing, frame acknowledgement, frame delimiting, frame error checking and media access management.

The Network layer decides how data will be sent to a recipient device. This layer provides logical addressing system so that a packet can be passed over layer 2 networks by deciding which physical path the data should take based on the network. Routers and subnets are part of the Network layer, they determine the destination a packet with travel.

The Transport layer is where TCP and UDP, connection oriented or connectionless communication happens between end devices through a network. This layer ensures messages are delivered error-free, in order without losses or duplicates, providing message segmentation, acknowledgement, traffic control and session multiplexing.

The Session layer establishes, maintains, and ends communication with each receiving device. This allows a session to be established between processes running on different stations and for two application processes on different machines to connect and terminate. “Allows application functions on devices to establish, manage, and terminate a dialog through a network.”

The Presentation layer takes data from the application layer transfers it to a common format other layers can understand. It provides character code translation, data conversion, data compression and encryption.

The Application layer is the interface users interact with the Operating System or applications when the user needs to transfer a file, read email messages, search a web browser. It’s the interface for user operating a device on a network, this is what the user sees.

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OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) is a reference model for how applications communicate over a network. A reference model is a conceptual framework for understanding relationships.

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