Can someone tell me what to do?

By PeterA517 ·
So recently my pc will randomly distort the image on the screen, I can’t use my keyboard and mouse most of the time and then it’ll usually reset itself. I recently factory reset my computer so I don’t exactly understand what could be causing this. I mostly game so it usually happens then but it has happened while browsing the web.
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Well Apple systems did this some time ago

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can someone tell me what ...

And it was a faulty Video Chip Set well a Bad Design that caused the Video to die eventually can't remember the model of NVidia Chip Set now 98 something if my memory has not totally failed but not really sure.

So what we need to know is what type of computer is this?

What is the Video Chip Set?

If a desktop does it have a plug in Video Card or is the Video part of the Mother Board?

Regardless it sounds like a hardware issue so what you have to work out is if it is happening because the Graphic Processor is overheating and needs attention of if the Video Card needs refitting or replacing.

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