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Can someone turn the lights back on?

By aidemzo_adanac ·
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Well, I stumbled and stubbed my toe trying to get in to the old/last revamp, TR site. Navigation is pretty straight forward, obviously not optimized and cached properly yet as it is slow as molasses and returns a lot of errors but eventually wakes up and gets with the program.

First impressions, without doing ANYTHING but stumbling around and posting this comment, I like the layout better. Colour scheme and design, although very similar, is much better.

I don't know that I care for the three sites, Australia, UK, US it could break up our global community, unless Forums are amalgamated. Again though, I have done nothing yet and it's just the very first impression I get. Everyone here knows I like to challenge and that I hated the last layout, but I have to give TR props this time, based on what I've seen so far.

One issue I absolutely DESPISE though, because of feedback I've had in other sites I've managed, is the CAPTCHA!! I understand it's to TRY and reduce spammers, but they rarely work anymore.

Spammers get around the captcha on several other sites i manage too. the annoying ones here are not bots, they are usually people manually creating accounts and posting, so the concept is a failure from the get go.

For regular users, nothing but a pain in the arse.

PERHAPS, it is just when posting a new thread (lightbulb gently flickers on overhead) and is not required for follow up posts, guess I'll find out myself in a second.

I can see what they did, where they wanted to go and what they were trying to achieve with the revamp, I think it's mainly there with a few major website marketing faux pas but it's a tech site, what do you expect? I think someone properly trained in website desing and, more importantly sales/marketing, can fix it still but I'm sure that it's okay for TR anyway.

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