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Can spyware, malware, virus can cause hardware failure specially in RAM

By jaomadn ·
hi i have some question in mind can be a malware,spyware,virus or any unwanted program can cause hardware failure in the computer.

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Many years ago

by Michael Jay In reply to Can spyware, malware, vir ...

a friend wrote a program that would **** a fuse in a Century Data 112 hard drive.

Simply put, what it did was to move the head assy to track 100 of 212 than reset the head register to indicate that the heads were located at track 0 and then perform a seek to track 212.

The heads would move in search of 212 and hit the end stop and **** the head actuator fuse.

Kinda cool.

Not really sure if you can write a program to damage hardware today but I would guess that it is possible.

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With todays hardware- - absolutely NOT

by mjd420nova In reply to Can spyware, malware, vir ...

All of todays hardware is so protective and with added error detection, no software instruction can cause a hardware failure. It might appear that way in some cases, but with proper diagnostics it will be proven that the hardware is intact and the errors result from software failure. I carry boot disks for just about any hardware I might run across and if I can boot to the diags and run tests to prove hardware validity, it has to be a software fault.

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