Can' t Download Anything NT AUTHORITY Shutsdown

By track_202 ·
I keep reading that people that get the "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Time Before Shutdown 00:60" message should download this or that patch, but my computer won't stay on long enough to even finish starting up.

So now what am supposed to do? I need help.

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Download patch

by Tig2 In reply to Can' t Download Anything ...

To a floppy or USB drive. Obviously, use another computer. It is possible that you can pull it off by using your firewall but I'd not count on it. At restart, install the patch.

What you are seeing is analogous to what was happening when the Blaster (aka *****32) got into the wild.

EDIT to add- You will need to get your AV running after patching and make sure that nothing nasty is now living on your pc. You might also want to download Crap Cleaner and run it recursively until it cannot find anything else.

Good luck!

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Simple, You don't need another computer

by EdLockett In reply to Can' t Download Anything ...

Just open a command prompt and enter the command shutdown -a . This will abort the shutdown. Then update as necessary, use AV and anti-malware tools to clean up your computer.
Hope this helps,

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its the w32

by Jesus_C In reply to Can' t Download Anything ...

spybot trojan.Boot into safe mode and remove with your anti virus and upgrade your computer to the latest version

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Patch your PC

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Can' t Download Anything ...

How are you just getting this now?
Do you not patch your PC (patch has been available for ages)?

Safest way is to download to a USB and then install while off the net.

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Better yet . . .

by b_caisse In reply to Can' t Download Anything ...

Patch you system.

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Not Helpful

by coldend In reply to Better yet . . .

bcaisse, was that even worth posting?

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