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Can Tech Save The BCS?

By Erik Eckel Contributor ·
Here we are, just days away from one of the year's big events, and I'm not talking turkey.

No, I'm talking football rivalries: Michigan v. Ohio State, Texas v. Texas A&M, Georgia v. Georgia Tech, USC v. UCLA, Virginia v. Virginia Tech., etc.

The next couple weeks are key for USC, Texas, Miami, Penn State and LSU students, alumnus and fans. NCAA bowl invitations are about to hit the mail, but as usual, trouble's in the air.

Current BCS formulas have USC and Texas first and second, followed by Miami, Penn State, LSU and Virginia Tech (in that order). The AP, however, has LSU ranked in front of Penn State and Notre Dame sixth, even though unranked Michigan State, and USC for that matter, defeated the Fighting Irish.

Is there some way the often maligned computer rankings that help compose the BCS formula can be improved to help eliminate BCS bowl issues, or is a playoff the only hope?

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Shakespeare: "Kill all the sportswriters."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Can Tech Save The BCS?

One word: PLAYOFFS

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Playoffs: Maybe for pros

by TonytheTiger In reply to Shakespeare: "Kill all th ...

but not for college. These are kids (albeit big ones) and this is a game.

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Why is 1A football different from all other NCAA sports?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Playoffs: Maybe for pros

If these are just kids, why does every other college sport, and football at all other levels, have a playoff system?

I'll give you the answer: $$$$$$$$$$$$. It's not about the kids, it's about how the colleges and the NCAA can best exploit them.

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hmm... It would seem

by TonytheTiger In reply to Why is 1A football differ ...

that they could be more exploited by playing more games.

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It's not more games

by CharlieSpencer In reply to hmm... It would seem

I favor using the bowl games as part of a playoff system. This would result in the same number of games overall, if not fewer.

But my primary point is that every other sport has a playoff, why not 1A football? Because a 16-team playoff is only 15 games total. There are more bowl games than that played now. Fewer bowl games means fewer team participating in the post season, and thus fewer guaranteed dollars for the conferences and schools.

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Well, actually it is more games.

by deepsand In reply to It's not more games

A 16 team playoff, with 15 games total, requires 4 rounds of play. This results in MORE games for those teams which advance beyond the 1st round.

The schooles have been particularly resistant to a playoff system for this very reason.

Furthermore, given that there are presently over 140 1-A schools, the selection process that would be required for determining which show participate in the playoffs would still allow for the same kinds of problems that exist under the current BCS system.

Still, I do concur that some sort of playoff system is the only way to improve on that which we now have.

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by M_a_r_k In reply to Can Tech Save The BCS?

Only a playoff can fix it. The whole poll system is without merit. The polls and computer rankings depend heavily on who you lose to and when you lose. Who says a 9-2 or 8-3 team isn't the best team in the country just because their star player got hurt and caused them to lose a couple of games? In the NFL (or any major sport) the two teams with the best records hardly ever play in the championship game. Also, the current system awards offense and scoring dozens of points a game more than an airtight defense. Who says a team that beats its opponents 35-17 every game is better than one that beats their opponents 17-3?

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8 Team Playoff

by Mountain Air In reply to No

After the traditional bowl games, take the top 8 teams from the post-bowls poll. They play a traditional single-elimination tournament with the first game of the tournament in each of the 4 BCS bowl stadiums. The BCS powers are happy (getting 2 buckets of money). Nobody has to sit through a 1 vs 8 on New Years Day. The tournament teams only play an additional 3 games (max). The season ends with an undisputed champion. Who wouldn't love this setup, except those who don't like football?

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1A teams???

by jknaeble In reply to 8 Team Playoff

The problem with most ideas is that they leave out the opportunity for all 117 teams that are listed as Division 1A to be capable of winning a national championship. There are currently only 6 of the 12 conferences (plus Notre Dame) eligible for the BCS title. I don't have a final answer, but every conference champion should have a shot at the title. Americans love to cheer for the the case of the BCS, underdogs are too poor to deserve a shot.

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It's still subjective

by M_a_r_k In reply to 8 Team Playoff

How do you determine the "top 8 teams"? And the playoff that you suggest would last through the end of January. That makes for a long season. A problem with the bowls already is that teams have a long layoff between the end of the season (typically first week of December) and the Jan 1 bowl games.

The NCAA and the schools surely would not mind the extra money that would pour in from TV, advertising and ticket sales.

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