Can thin clients be setup for use with dialer systems, extension specific?

By mikebeano ·
I work for a small call centre about 100 users and we are looking at phasing out and replacing desktop machines with thin clients. We use dialer software installed on each machine that is configured per machine for the phone extension on that desk. With all our users having roaming profiles and from what i have read the thin clients would run remote desktop to a virtual server how would I get the thin clients to be extension specific rather than the user profiles?

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In answer to your question

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can thin clients be setup ...

It wouldn't Thin Clients run off the server where the Server Hosts everything and the Thin Client is nothing more than a Display Terminal.

Who's ever User Profile is open on that Thin Client is the Extension of that Terminal.

The only way around that is not to have User Profiles of People who use the Thin Clients but the User Profiles of each Thin Client so that the Thin Client becomes the User and not a person.

That way you could set Extension Numbers to a Specific Terminal but it would also result in anyone with the right Credentials being able to use that particular terminal and it wouldn't be restricted to a Individual user.


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Reponse To Answer

by mikebeano In reply to In answer to your questio ...

Thanks for your reply

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