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Can this app be built with PowerApps?

By mangiafrutta ·
Tags: Software
I need to develop an app for a project at school, my teacher suggested to use PowerApps (we have licence) but I am not 100% sure that is ok with what I need.
The idea is that we need to input a number of characteristics from a house in the app (dimensions, electricity consumption, number of inhabitants, etc...) and for some data the app will give a certain input, for example the volume of a room, or if consumption is too high. Initially was done with excel, but we want something more user friendly, easy to input with a mask and that people cannot try to screw up as they end up doing with excel files.
I am not sure if PowerApps can do something like that...can someone confirm? I am willing to learn to use well PowerApps if it's the case, or I can learn any other language if I get a suggestion of what to use for my need.

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