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Can this LCD monitor be repaired ?

By p_jutras ·
Recently my Sony SDM-M51 15 inch LCD monitor stated showing vertical lines instead of the normal display. Re-booting the computer changed nothing put after a night off it would come on OK again. After 3 days it started showing the color lines but these blurred into a some kind of haze... is this the lamp ? Can it be repaired or is it good for the trash can after only 2 years ?

Thanks for your time.

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by jschein In reply to Can this LCD monitor be r ...

Trash... Purchase a new screen for 5-800 dollars or slave that to a monitor and buy a new laptop for 7-1000 dollars... hmmm

However sometimes lines / screen screw ups on a laptop have been due to the video card plug in (some are just modules which can be switched out). They only cost a few bucks, but not all laptops have them.

Good luck

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by TheChas In reply to Can this LCD monitor be r ...

It sounds like a power supply issue to me.

I suspect 1 of the internal power supplies, but it would be worth it to check the plug-in supply.

At $250 US for new 15" LCD monitors, it still might be worth it to have a Sony service center give you an estimate.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Can this LCD monitor be r ...

you tried removing and replacing video cable, no?

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by Ann777 In reply to Can this LCD monitor be r ...

Connect another external monitor... if the external monitor works, your lcd needs to be replaced.

If the second external monitor gets the lines, then replace the video or systemboard in your computer.

2 years time is not unusual... but it really depends on how much time it is spent active (powered on). With LCDs, I recommend that people purchase the 3-year extended warranty that often comes with these (free repair or replacement)... especially if the machine is heavily used.

These retail for $500 right now... which means you probably spent a good chuck more 2 years ago.

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by Ann777 In reply to

You may also want check on warranty/repair info...


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by wlbowers In reply to Can this LCD monitor be r ...

You know that monitor has a 3 year warranty.


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