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Can thou live on one browser alone?

By excelciors ·
It's my first time to write so please bear with me. It just struck me after having to reformat my PC that I cannot live on 1 browser alone. I have actually 3 (Chrome, Firefox, Opera), and I'm not using 1 (Internet Explorer). Anybody have the same collection of browsers as I have? Want to suggest your favorite browser?

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Actually, I've used Firefox, and only Firefox for about six years.

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Can thou live on one brow ...

prior to that I used only Avant Browser for several years.

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does your firefox crash once you've loaded around 20 web pages?

by excelciors In reply to Actually, I've used Firef ...

that's so far what's been happening to me. that's the reason for switching to many browsers. i'm a loyal firefox user once. in essence, each browser has it's own good and bad side. thanks for the feedback.

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No, it doesn't - funny you should ask that as I asked my son about

by Deadly Ernest In reply to does your firefox crash o ...

his system on Saturday.

I run a Linux install, up to last weekend it was Kubuntu 8.04, and is now SimplyMepis 8. With both I use FireFox, currently 3.09 - My current system has 4 GB RAM, the previous one had 2 GB. My son's system has 4 GB RAM - all are 64 bit P4s.

I regularly have twenty or thirty tabs open at a time, especially when reading TR discussions as I open each post in a separate tab, opening all I want to read in that discussion at once. And sometimes have two, three, or four FireFox windows open. Yesterday, at one point, I had four instances of FF open with a total of fifty-three tabs open - I had to check out of sheer curiosity.

My son uses Win XP Pro 32 bit - and he regularly has ten to fourteen Firefox Windows open, each with between twenty-five to fifty tabs open. The other day I asked and he had eleven windows open and a total of five hundred and sixty-five tabs open between them. he gets involved with a lot of forums and has a window for each forum type, and similar type events.

When doing a lot of research for a story I open another FF window and have numerous tabs open in that, while my initial FF window is still open with all my forum tabs - TR, WB, SOL GG, Renderosity, SOL itself, and any sub thread tabs off them. As I write this I've got thirty-two tabs open. Thirty-one after I send and close this one.

I find a couple of good add-ons and FF does everything I want, but then I don't use RSS or streaming video much, while my son does.

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good god....

by ---TK--- In reply to No, it doesn't - funny yo ...

So I guess FF took care of the memory leak they use to have... :)

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I never saw a memory leak problem, neither did my son (nt)

by Deadly Ernest In reply to good god....
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If thou is I, NO

by thetreverj In reply to Can thou live on one brow ...

I have recently became a fan of Chrome....but i have always liked the clean and crisp format of firefox as well....I still have Internet Explorer installed, but only use it in times of extreme stress....(and that is usually by accident) Depending upon the task....such as downloading, or surfing, i will use different browsers for personal preferences.

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same goes for me

by excelciors In reply to If thou is I, NO

each browser has his role to play. when i feel like a clean geek, i use chrome. i don't know, but some sites here in the Philippines do require Internet Explorer to access their site. I guess we still can't do without them. thanks so much for the reply.

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Only until Firefox offends me

by santeewelding In reply to Can thou live on one brow ...

Then, I pluck it out.

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Why three?

by jdclyde In reply to Can thou live on one brow ...

I tried Opera last year but there were just to many pages that wouldn't load correctly, so I would have to close it and go back with FF anyways.

I have been exclusive with FF (except for trying Opera) for well over two years now and no reason to change now.

What does Chrome give me that FF doesn't?

And yes, the first thing I do is get all of my users OFF IE as a browser.

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the secret behind...

by excelciors In reply to Why three?

good question. each browser has it's moods and features. i use firefox when i do web programming using xampp at the background (i'm not sure why). i use opera to house all of the community sites that have my saved user & pass (e.g. friendster, facebook, etc.) that way, when i open opera, it loads all of them in 1 browser. and lastly, chrome. i use this to surf the web. it has a clean feel to it. like working on a big table with only your computer and nothing else on it. thanks jdclyde for your feedback.

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