Can totally ignoring someone be a form of harrassment?

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In my office, there is an employee (male) who took an immediate dislike to a new employee(female), After three years of his refusing to admit there was a problem, but continually either being dismissive or totally ignoring her altogether, there was a discussion where an understanding was supposedly reached. For about a month, he was actually civil, then went back to refusing to acknowledge her existence except when absolutely necessary, even to the point of not acknowledging when she rendered assistance and acting as though she were unreasonable for expecting an actually spoken response. The female employee is uncomfortable enough that she would very much like to find a different workplace, but doesn't see job prospects that could meet her skill set and pay her bills.

The boss insists he can't do anything, and it's a company of 9 people. What would be the best way to proceed in this kind of situation?


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this has sent me searching

by PurpleSkys In reply to Can totally ignoring some ...

as far as i'm concerned, yes, it's a form of harrassment. I would place it under a form of harrassment due to sex (gender); I would wonder if he (the male employee) would react to a person in the same job classification if it were a male counterpart. Do some google searches and see if you can find some information on Labour Laws and Workplace Harrassment Laws in your area. It must be horrible for this poor girl working in such a hostile environment.

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by Kenone In reply to Can totally ignoring some ...

Is the ignoree female? Then yes
Is the ignoree male? Then no

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