Can voltage fluctuations kill a tablet?

By benyigergely ·
We installed a Huawei T3 tablet in kiosk mode at a museum in a remote village in rural Romania where the voltage regularly drops below 210V from the healthy 221-224V range, depending on how many other appliances are in use at any time in the building and the neighbourhood. The local electrician reassured us that it is considered normal there.
However a few days later, they report that the tablet won't turn on anymore. I'm not used to such devices breaking just like that so I suspect that it was caused by the voltage fluctuations. But could it be? Could it kill the tablet or the charger? How?
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Well yes sort of anyway.

by OH Smeg In reply to Can voltage fluctuations ...

Instead of voltage fluctuations the Transicent Spikes that come with them are the more likely culprit. Things produce spikes when they are turned on or off, so if you have a item that draws a lot of power when it is turned on the spike causes the voltage to go low and when it is turned off it goes high.

The bigger the power draw the bigger the spike though the ones that kill devices like this tend to come from things like Fridges, Washing Machines AC Units or bigger draw devices.

The way to control this is to fit a filtering UPS which will filter out the worst of the Spikes that come down the mains though the ones with a very fast rise time may get through and destroy things but they are mostly related to Lighting Strikes and nothing stops those Overvoltage Events as their Rise Time is measured in Fractions of a Nanosecond and most filters take 3 or 4 nanoseconds to work.

Hope that is of some help.

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