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    Can we use a software both on PC and mobile on a single purchase?

    by clinda9844 ·



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      Depends on the software being used and the License Agreement it comes under

      by oh smeg ·

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      The first problem is that Desktop Systems run on either Windows or OSX and Smart Phones run on whatever Apple call their Mobile OS or a version of Android both of which are not compatible with Windows Software.

      While it may be possible to run some Windows Product under a OS it is not Native to generally speaking Mobile Devices are not powerful enough to run the Bridging Application and the Windows Software in any timeframe that makes it usable. After all if it takes 30 minutes to render one screen you’ll soon dump the idea entirely.

      Then there is the issue of Licensing which is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT that can get VERY EXPENSIVE if you end up in Court for breaching the agreement you agree to when you installed the Original Software. Microsoft has had many Court Rulings in their favour for Breaching their License Agreement that runs into the tens of Thousand upward depending on how severe the breach has been.

      The other alternative is you could use an application that is Cloud Based and buy the rights to it as Software as a Service which means all your data is in the Cloud and you will not control it and may if the company you are dealing with goes broke or gets brought out you may no longer have control of the data or it very well could be on sold to the highest bidder depending on what has actually happened but if it is Cloud Based it is conceivable you could access the data on both a Windows Desktop/NB or a Smartphone and make any transactions you want.

      As for License Agreements they get difficult as they vary with the part of the World you are in and Local Laws so you would have to ask the Owner of the Software License what you can and can not do with it and if you want to access the same program on 2 devices they will generally sell you a License to do that at a greater price than a single user License, but again the same applies to different OS’s depending on the software it may run on one and not the other.

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