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Can WEP and WPA security coexist?

By jimredfield ·
We have -- at least according to all the tests from Gibson Research I could throw at it -- a well hidden and secure WPA2 wireless network. And now we have TIVO and the wireless link that came with it that, alas, only works with WEP security. I don't want to downgrade my computer security to WEP and I don't want to hard wire TIVO. So, is there any way to make WEP and WPA coexist without letting the fox into the hen house? Tnx in advance. - Jim

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by G... In reply to Can WEP and WPA security ...

WPA and WEP can coexist just fine.
The point is that as long as the 2 ends of a connection are "talking" the same, it goes just fine.
So to make your system works, you'll have to have a WEP to everything connecting with the TIVO. Possible to have a computer connecting to the TIVO with WEP and another connection with the WPA. That works.
There's also the possibility to make a wired connection from the TIVO to an Access point supporting WPA.

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by G... In reply to

Sorry it took so long but have had little time...

I'm living in Norway and we generaly don't have the same hardware on the marked here so I can't help you with that.

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by jimredfield In reply to Can WEP and WPA security ...

G..., your last idea sounds best. Short bit of wire to the TIVO from an access point right behind the box, and the wireless leap using WPA. Best of both worlds., is there some sort of cheap 'access point' I can CompUSA for this sort of set up? I only know about full blown routers (e.g. Linksys) and those seem like overkill for thi$. Tnx again. (If I get this working, stop by for beer and a movie sometime.) - Jim

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Possible Security Risk

by Moonglum95 In reply to Can WEP and WPA security ...

If you run two wireless routers, you should have a third(non-wired) in the middle. Otherwise you can set yourself up for a man in the middle attack.

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